Summer gives us lots of reasons to get out and enjoy ourselves. We can easily pack our days during this season as much as we do over the rest of the year. But summer also gives us lots of reasons to slow down and enjoy the little things, what with the weather creeping up so hot, days that seem to go on forever and time that feels like it's ours for the taking.

Slowing down sounds perfect for the season ahead. Here are three big ways we're planning to enjoy the little things with our families this summer.

01. Ditch the Plans

Want to start slowing down? Try taking a brake from planning. Wake up, head outside and see where the day takes you. Some of our favorite memories come from days where we didn't have anything to do and found ourselves discovering fun around us. At the same time, you could ask your kids to plan a day at home or a day in nature for your whole family and see what unfolds.

02. Enjoy Summer Pastimes

On the flip side, when you do make plans, explore summer-specific outings. Many summer activities are designed for slowing down - such as spending a day at the beach, going berry picking, staying up until the fireflies come out, have a backyard campfire. Enjoy these or even create your own summer family traditions.

03. Head into Nature

Spend time outdoors and there's a good chance you'll find things slowing down, your family connecting on a deeper level and simple things taking on greater meaning. There are plenty of warm weather activities for this, like spending a day in the woods - hiking or not, going camping, going canoeing or kayaking, etc. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and see how it has an impact on your family.

What else is your family doing to slow down and enjoy the summer season ahead? We'd love to hear it!