Kerri here - In our January newsletter, we encouraged you to get outside more with your family.  And said we'd provide ideas specific to each month, to getting out there.  In case a resolution for the year was more family outdoor time.

As it just so happens, besides trying to keep my dining room from being a storage room 11 months out of the year, having more family outdoor time is EXACTLY one of my resolutions for 2018.  So I offered to write each month about my family's experiences following the suggestions for family outdoor time.  Many people can write what you should do, but my family is willing to live it.  Fingers crossed we survive!

The first idea was experiencing January's full moons.  The Wolf Moon on January 2 and Blue (or Blood) Moon on January 31.  According to The Old Farmers Almanac, the Wolf Moon ".... appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages."

It was a very, very cold night on January 2nd, in the northeast.  But I faithfully gathered my children and husband up to go experience the Wolf Moon.  And by experience it, I mean we went to my front yard, holiday decorations and all.  As we headed out, I explained we were seeing a Wolf Moon.  And that's where the trouble started with my highly creative five year old daughter, who was sure our dog was then going to turn in to a werewolf that evening.

Is every outdoor family opportunity going to be amazing?  Not always, and especially not when you don't prepare a little better than I did.  And this excursion experienced set backs based on my level of preparedness.  Of course it was bedtime, of course it was super cold and of course I hadn't prepared my daughter enough (although I wonder if I could have ever) that this was another beautiful experience in nature.  And our little shih-tzu wasn't any more likely to bite tonight because of the moon.

What it did give us was a mind set change.  In a busy week day evening, trying to cram in dinner, bedtime and family time in too little time, it stopped us for a moment.  A deep breath moment of cold refreshing night air.  Family snuggles to keep warm.  And reassurances on safety from werewolves.

I have more hope (and time) to prepare for the next full moon experience, the Blue (or Blood) Moon on January 31st.  And I hope your family might join our family in getting outside that Wednesday night.  With more time to prepare, I envision us prepared with hot cocoa, flashlights, warmer clothes and meeting up with friends at our Forest Explorers spot in the woods to not just see the full moon, but to really experience it.

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