Success!  Last month I wrote about jumping on the Forest School For All's monthly outdoor family adventure resolutions.  Whoah - that's a mouthful!  We tried catching one of the January full moons and how it wasn't quite the successful family adventure I had hoped to have.  However, the month was generous enough to give me a re-do, with a second "blue moon" full moon at the end of the month, and we made the most of it.

We invited our Forest Explorer group to join us at our regular exploration spot on January 31st, in the evening, armed with layers, warm drinks and a sense of curiosity.  We were well prepared this time.  We brought two telescopes, a kerosene heater, hot chocolate and snacks.

As a group, we watched the moon climb over the mountains, almost like a sunrise.  We brought glow sticks and the children played, howled and exclaimed over the beauty of the event.  Natural conversations with children and parents started on the lunar eclipse that happened that morning, full moons and constellations.  Then led to matters of life and children, as most groups of parents will eventually lead to.  A community, brought together, to play in the woods under the bright light of the moon.

We also brought with us two high powered telescopes, but the haze of the evening prevented us from seeing much.  But it sparked conversation and a commitment to try again, when it was a little warmer and a little less hazy.

Thank you to the families that joined us for this outdoor family adventure!  Can't wait to try out February's adventure, an Outdoor Family Picnic + Campfire.  Will you give it a try too?  If so, be sure to let us know!  Feel free to post in your state's Facebook group, or tag us in a photo you share in social media.  We'd love to see.