Summer Discoverer Supplies

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Curated supplies to turn any natural space into a learning space.


The supplies listed below are specifically curated to match the Summer Forest Discoverers curriculum, but you can use them along with your own creative, outdoor discoveries in any setting. These items are linked to Forest School For All’s Amazon Affiliate Account. By purchasing items via these links, you get the supplies you need, while also supporting FSFA and our mission to families enjoy the outdoors.



The Curious Garden:

This is Our Earth:


Sun and the Moon:

Lookin' for Light:

Building on Nature:

If You Find a Rock:

Growing Patterns:

Ace Lacewing:

The Best Book of Bugs:


Stick Man:

Sky Color:

Patterns in Nature:

Mysterious Patterns:

The Busy Tree:

Least Things:

Should I Protect Nature:

To Be Green:

The Lorax:

Nature's Paintbrush:

Color Me a Rhyme:

We Planted a Tree:

Who Will Plant a Tree:

A Tree is a Plant:

Summer Walk:

Up in the Garden:

Compost Stew:

Oil Spill:

One Plastic Bag:

Swirl by Swirl: