Start a Forest Curriculum Group

start a forest curriculum group in two steps

Step 01: Pick a Curriculum

Welcome! We're thrilled you want to start a Forest Curriculum Group. You're creating an outdoor space for children to explore nature and their own abilities, as well as forming a community of families who can explore together. We're here to help you get started. The first step is picking a curriculum.

Remember, leaders are inspired parents, just like you. No training necessary, just excitement for exploring the outdoors with your family and others. You've got this. Happy adventures!

Your Choices

Here are Forest School For All's two options for forest curriculum groups. Learn more about them both to find which one will be the best one for your family and your community.

Forest Creators: outdoor maker space with parent-prompted activities, 12 week winter, spring, summer or fall curriculum, approx. ages 2-6, all ages and abilities welcome

Forest Discoverers: outdoor S.T.E.A.M-inspired classroom with parent-prompted activities, 12 week warm + cold weather curriculum, approx. ages 5-10, all ages and abilities welcome

Step 02: Pick a Package

Forest School For All offers two packages for purchase.

Purchase Curriculum: FSFA's curriculum is available for purchase by individual families and community groups. You can preview and purchase curriculum directly on FSFA's curriculum page. This package offers curriculum only, where you as the leader source your own materials (FSFA provides a supply list with Amazon affiliate links, if interested). Prices range from $19 - $99.

Purchase Curriculum and Supplies: If you are interested in purchasing both curriculum and supplies, Forest School For All can directly send you supplies for the number of registered children. Please note: this is available for groups larger than five children and there is a two week turnaround time from receipt of payment to delivery of supplies. Contact us to let us know how many children you have registered and we will send you an invoice. Prices: Forest Creator $65 / child for members, $80 / child for non-members; Forest Discoverer $90 / child for members, $120 / child for non-members; siblings under two (2) years old free unless supplies requested.


Leader Overview

your role, commitment and benefits

Leader Role

As a leader, or co-leader, your role is to organize a group. This includes:

  • Picking a day, time + location to meet
  • Promoting your group + registering families
  • Meeting weekly over the 12 week session
  • Sharing each week's activity + provided supplies
  • Communicating with + supporting participants throughout the season

Leader Commitment

Families pay you directly to coordinate and deliver each week of the curriculum. Your commitment over the season is primarily to them, in that you will be present and prepared each week, as well as eager to support their families in this fun and creative adventure.

Leader Benefits

  • Leaders are given the ability to charge any amount to registering families, in addition to the FSFA price, as a way to compensate for supplies, your time, etc. if interested
  • All leaders receive access to FSFA's leader guide and ongoing support from Forest School For All throughout the season


Member Add-ons

Leaders who also join as members ($25 annually) receive the following add-ons to further support your leadership role:

  • Flyers to promote your group online
  • Template forms and resources to help with online group registration
  • Templates of weekly emails to send to participating families

Resources can be found on your member dashboard. Leaders receive free membership when running an active Forest Explorer Group.